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Yoshima Books is a one-stop shop for indie writers who wish to publish their work in a way that is carefree, less stressful and professionally handled. We take the stress out of finding your eBook cover, editing and formatting your work, paying for those irritating ISBN numbers and so much more. If you've ever published an eBook on your own then you know how mind boggling the process can be! We know you have a great story and we want you to share it! So we got together to make a convenience store-like company that assists particular indie authors that like to spend their time selling books rather than preparing them to sell. We have a great team with awesome customer service and straight forward pricing. In this world of pay by the minute, word counts and hourly rates, we try to give each author everything they would need upfront, no gimmicks. 


Now you are probably wondering what we require from you. Yoshima Books is led by authors and therefore, we will not publish books that we think are a bane on the book industry. It's our name on the line here too, right? So yes, we like to review and accept books to ensure that they have a storyline with all the pieces to become a great product. We use beta readers to give us a good understanding of the book you submit and whether it will take a little love, alotta love or if there are major development issues. This feedback from professional readers can seem harsh and overdone but it works!


Anyway, take a look around our site and peruse through our bundle packages. We are here to help and we appreciate you visiting us. Come again or stay a while!


Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne

After NIEA Finalist, T.R. Horne had great success with her debut novel, Breaking Mobius, she set her sights on the next novel, Girl Soldier. The story follows a young girl through the quest to find her missing CIA Agent mother. While searching for her, she gets pulled deeper into the mystery of why her mother is missing. Check out Horne's novels on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N and a host of other sites. Released on February 26, 2016!


His Voice Her Words by Omarr Robinson

Debut author, Omarr Robinson, pens his poetry book that has been long awaited by his social media friends and fans! His poetry book, His Voice Her Words, will be released on Amazon at the end of the year. His work symbolizes love and freedom and gives readers ample topics to think about and talk about with their fiends. Support new indie author Omarr Robinson on his Facebook and Goodreads pages. Released on February 3, 2016!